Parish Council Meeting Monday 25th May 2020

Harry Tunstead, Kevin Milliken, Father John, Carol Salisbury, Geraldine Shiels, Mary Brown, Sister Anne, Tricia Sweeney, Eileen Blake, Siobhan Lamont, Michael Rooney, Gerry McWatt, Josie Beecham, John Beecham
Matters Arising
Financial position of church – standing orders – sort code/ account number for the church will be put on the church website for people to donate their weekly offering
Letter – father John will issue a letter to all parishioners
Letter on Parish income drive:
  • How to bring in an income for the parish
  • Father John will issue a letter to all parishioners
  • Sort code/ account number on parish website
  • Geraldine will provide information on fast payments on accounts
Re-opening of parishes
  • Eileen will gets contact on where to get sanitizer and cleaning wipes
  • Volunteers to make masks, cleaning and getting masking tape
  • Meet in 4 weeks time at the end of June
  • Signs up in the church to provide clarity
  • Carol Salisbury will have a look at castings/ pricing once Eileen gets code
  • Contact Mary McCool to ask if she could volunteer to make masks
  • Put in Newsletter asking people to volunteer to make masks
  • Harry will print and laminate 2m distance signage
  • Volunteers are required to help clean the church after each service, rotes and names would need to be out in place
Date of Next Meeting – 22nd June 2020
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